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Make Your Move Easier With These Moving Tips

Moving TipsTake a look at any community “for sale” or “recycle” site and you are sure to find someone offering or looking for used moving boxes. One of the most important moving tips is to be sure that you are using the correct supplies. At Berry Van Lines, we recommend using either new or recycled moving boxes certified for holding up to 200lbs. Here are a couple more of our most helpful moving tips:

Make a Map

Many associate a map with a long drive or with a treasure hunt, but rarely with moving one’s household. A map of the current home and a map of the home you will be moving into will be beneficial for all involved. By labeling boxes and containers with the location they came from in your current home, you may find specific items more quickly after your move. Your moving company will also appreciate a map of your new location as they work to unload boxes and items from the truck.

Big Black Marker

Using a big black marker is among one of the best moving tips. With this tool in hand, you will be able to neatly label each box with reference to the maps you have made. Some of our clients prefer to label the room the box came out of with a bold red color and the room the box will be going into with a bold black. This type of labeling helps ensure that items end up in the right place.

By contacting Berry Van Lines at 800-355-6205, you will be able to get moving advice and assistance from our reliable industry professionals. This type of help means less stress down the road as you work to unpack and settle into your new location.

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