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Dover Moving Boxes & Supplies

Moving Supplies in Dover

Berry Van Lines provides customers a one stop source for quality moving boxes and supplies. Having the correct supplies is a crucial element to a successful residential or commercial moving experience. Without professional moving supplies, you’re putting your property at risk, and you will potentially make the packing process take longer.  Our team can help you find the right products for your move. We have everything you could possibly need to make your next move a success.

Packing Services

In addition to offering affordable moving boxes and supplies, our movers can also handle all of the packing for you. Berry Van Lines will create a customized commercial or residential moving plan for you, arrive on time, professionally pack and load your items, and then transport your belongings to your destination. We can even help you unpack, organize, and reassemble furniture.

Do-It-Yourself Options

Of course, you can also receive moving supplies from Berry Van Lines if you plan to pack your own items. We’ll discuss your relocation plan and then our service experts can make recommendations so that you end up with the proper moving supplies, cartons, padding, and packing tape. Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive 100% satisfaction when dealing with our team, and giving helpful advice is just one more way we fulfill that goal.

Packing Tips

  • Always place heavy items at the bottoms of your boxes or moving cartons
  • Buy new or recycled boxes, see “New or Recycled Moving Boxes”
  • Consider the importance of each item you pack and donate items you don’t need to bring with you
  • Pack fragile items separately
  • Label all containers with a permamanet marker or label
  • Take pictures of complex electronics wiring setups so you have a reference when reassembling
  • Use packing paper to provide cushioning for delicate items

New or Recycled Moving Boxes

Our moving boxes are designed for moving and storing, and are certified with a 32 ECT (or 200 lb test) in strength, and some of the larger boxes like the wardrobe and kitchen boxes are even higher (44ECT). Used retail store boxes are not certified or designed to be used for moving and storing, do not stack well on a truck, many of them don’t have tops, and they have a much higher chance of compressing when boxes are stacked on top. These retail used boxes have a much higher likelihood that your belongings will be damaged, especially your fragile items.

In addition, most retail store boxes or liquor boxes have been wet at one time during their transport, which degrades an already weak box for the use of moving & storage. The more your load a box beyond it’s ECT, Edge Crush Test. This is a way to test the box’s strength and all quality boxes are labeled with and ECT rating. Buying quality and highly rated boxes for moving is a great way to minimize damage to your belongings.

Berry Van Lines can make your next move easier than ever with our affordable moving supplies and more. Contact our team today at 1-800-355-6205.

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